Abe Sherwood- National Sales Director

Abe has been playing cornhole in Oklahoma for 2 years. In that time he has made many contacts and more importantly he has many wins. Highlights are winning 8 man crew cup, 1st in 4 man crew cup and wins in doubles pool play and 2nd place overall crew cup champions. Contact Abe for all your Black Sheep Baggers needs!


Lenny Barnes- South Carolina/North Carolina

Lenny is a South Carolina Native. He enjoys playing cornhole, hosting tournaments, and meeting new people in the cornhole community. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Lenny in SC/NC and surrounding areas for all your Black Sheep Bagger needs.


Drew Ramsey- Virginia  

Drew was born and raised in the Central Virginia Region and has played cornhole competitively since 2019. He loves this hobby turned sport and enjoys the time spent playing with family every week.


Chris Yates- South Alabama/Florida Pan Handle

Christopher started playing in Denver during quarantine but now plays competitive on the white sand of the Redneck Riviera of Florida. He knows a thing or two about bags, because he's seen a thing or two. Christopher has 2 sons and a loving wife Amanda that keep him in line so that he can enjoy the finer things in life like playing cornhole. He loves the beach, spending time with his family, traveling, and playing in cornhole tournaments meeting new people. He loves the people of the cornhole community and wants to give back as much as possible. Please contact Christopher at      850-525-3450 for any of your cornhole needs or questions. 


Chris Sharp- Central Florida

Chris is originally from Georgia and resides in Central Florida with his wife and children. He has a love for competitive sports and started playing cornhole competitively 2 years ago. He has enjoyed meeting a variety of people within the cornhole community and sharing his knowledge of this rapidly growing sport. Please contact Chris for all your Black Sheep Baggers and cornhole accessories needs. Chris.sharp.bsb@gmail.com 863-738-7040 


Ryan Brandt- Kansas

Ryan is a native of Lawrence Kansas. He started playing cornhole with neighbors a couple years ago after getting a set of boards for Father’s Day. Over the past year he has ventured into tournament play in the North Eastern Kansas area, and manages to find the podium in many events. Ryan enjoys the social aspects of recreational play as well as the strategy and competitiveness of tournament play. He looks forward to meeting new players and increasing playing opportunities in and around his hometown. Please contact Ryan at rbbrandt73@gmail.com for your Black Sheep Baggers needs in Kansas and the greater Kansas City area. 


Ian Winn- Pennsylvania

Ian has recently started to play cornhole competitively. He is from south central Pennsylvania. He enjoys all things outdoor, from hunting to fishing and all outdoor games. While playing cornhole is a one of his enjoyments family for him definitely comes first. Ian has one daughter Channing who is 9 years old and does competition cheerleading all year. He and his wife Lacie have been married for 14 great years. You can contact him at mailto:IanAnthonyWinn@gmail.com or his cell phone 717-580-4380 for any of your Black Sheep Baggers needs. 


Sis Calabrese- Oregon 

Sis has been throwing for 12 years started in the back yard then started playing competitively 7 years ago with her brother Jesus Is King (Cameron) in The 805 Ventura. She has a very close relationship with Bridget Moore Queen of California in 2019. She is her Cornhole partner. Came in 2nd with Allison Peters in the first women's blind draw event at Spencer McKenzie Throwdown 2019. She Moved to Redmond Oregon to be with her grandson two years ago who is now 2. Started COC one year ago September 18 with Lingo Diaz here in Redmond because there weren't any cornhole clubs or anybody throwing bags. They have an annual COC fest end of June once a year 3 blind draws a week and a tournament once a month. So COC was born September 18 2020. 


Antonio Vasquez Jr- Rhode Island

Antonio is from Rhode Island retired was introduced to game of cornhole summer of 2019 while camping ever since then it has become addicting for him. His greatest moments being at podium. He has been to events throughout the east coast playing competitive in the ACL, He is looking forward to taking part in advance level this year always a student of the game looking forward to get to the big stage. Biggest problem I see players buying and selling bags. He looks forward to being apart of a bag company that has it all from quality to customer service. 


 Kevin Caple- New Mexico

Kevin is a New Mexico Native, He enjoys the reach the game of cornhole has. Fairly new to the game, he enjoys traveling to see the different cornhole communities around the country. Kevin is a Marine Corps Veteran, co-owner of Roswell Jolly Jumps in Roswell NM, and spends his free time giving back to the youth sports community. Kevin is always available to answer any questions, comments, or concerns. Feel free to reach out to him at any time. 


Chris Porras- Texas

Chris is a Texas native and league player for Oil City Kings, he started playing Cornhole as a hobby, but quickly became an obsession that his wife and kids support. If you have any Cornhole questions or needs in your area, please feel free to contact him. 


Cody Kinna- Iowa

28 Year old father from Paton area in Iowa. His interests outside of the cornhole world include Hunting, Camping, and coaching his children in baseball and wrestling. When Cody is not busy with all of the kids' activities he enjoys shooting in his local cornhole leagues, as well as the ACL tournaments within the state. Just this past year Cody has got his ten year old son, Jaxon, involved in the cornhole world and since then they have made quite the team. With a couple of top three finishes, the two were hooked. They now attend at least one night of league as well as they try to attend a blind draw or a tournament every weekend. Jaxon and Cody both try to encourage bringing kids to the tournaments to get them involved early and grow the game. Cody purchased his first set of black sheep bags for his son for a Christmas present this year. Both of them fell in love with the bags right out of the box. After the two of them struggled to find a bag that worked for both of them, Black Sheep Baggers Black Waters were a miracle! Cody hopes to be able to spread his new found knowledge about Black Sheep Baggers products so that someone else can find that perfect bag as well. Cody is available anytime for any of your questions or concerns.


Kyle Groah- California 

Kyle grew up in Northern California and started playing cornhole in backyard games 5 years ago. After enjoying the game he started investing time into playing in leagues and tournaments. He also loves to play softball and disc golf. Kyle has a wife and 3 kids (13 year old son, 7 year old son and 5 year old daughters). Cornhole is up and coming in NorCal and Kyle is here to help with all your boards and bags needs!


Jerry Curcerello- Pennsylvania 

 AKA SANTA , I am from Olyphant Pa, I have a son Named Eli whose (8) and a daughter named Izabella whose 2. I have been playing Cornhole since 2019, and the biggest draw for me to the Cornhole scene is the camaraderie. I've become close friends with a lot of people because of cornhole, from all over the country.
I work a full time job as GM for a Fine Wine and Good Spirits Shoppe. I love doing fundraisers and community projects to help as much as I can. When im not throwing bags you can catch me on the hard water in the winter ice fishing and on my boat fishing during spring, summer and fall. I love building and shooting guns.
I will always put my family and country first.
You can reach me by email at jerrycurcerello@outlook.com or via text or phone call @ 570-851-8437 don't hesitate to call for all your Black Sheep Baggers needs or just to talk.


Kristen and Byron Huston- Ohio/Kentucky

Byron and I started playing cornhole at a campground in Southern Ohio and have loved the game ever since. We were also both born and raised in Southern Ohio. We have been together for 16 years. We have 2 boys 13 and 5 who both love playing cornhole as well. Byron has been playing competitive since October/2021 and Kristen just started playing competitive this January. We both play out of the Cincy East region in the ACL. We enjoy traveling all over to regionals and opens. We also make sure to keep their game alive and play in local events multiple times a week. We are both excited and grateful to become part of the Black Sheep Baggers family. You can reach Byron or Kristen on Facebook, Instagram, or by email. Byron’s email is huston9584@gmail.com and Kristen’s is kristenhuston23@yahoo.com 


Nick Clawson- Montana

Nick has been playing corn hole competitively for the last couple 
years and is getting better by the day! He lives in Billings, MT and travels to play as much as he possibly can. Nick and his wife Trish have 4 grown kids, so Nick currently has some time to learn this crazy game. He is ecstatic about combining his love for corn hole and the people of corn hole with the Black Sheep line of bags and swag! Nick has a ton of bag experience and competitive experience to share, all you have to do is ask. 


Steve Bade- Nebraska 

Steve lives in Southwest Nebraska; he has been playing cornhole for about a year. Steve really enjoys meeting and helping new people in the cornhole community and going to tournaments. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Steve for all info on Black Sheep Bagger products he'd love to help answer any and all questions you may have. 


Jeff Smith- Maryland

I live in Maryland close to the PA and DE lines. I fell in love with the game of cornhole a little over a year ago. I currently attend as many local and not so local events as I can. Being a father of 2 and also a full time employee of Aberdeen Proving Ground US army base time can get a little thin. I also enjoy building boards for my family and friends (really just so everyone has them already when I go to their houses) but woodworking has become a small hobby to me. I sent a picture of my beautiful wife Jenn my sons Declan and Callen and our Chesapeake Bay Retriever Koa. My sons enjoy going to watch but they like playing baseball and soccer more then cornhole (give it time I am working on them). Currently in my area it seems at our local tourneys the bags of choice have been Ultra and Killshots but I have been able to put a couple of people on to Blacksheep. One guy actually bought my bags from me that night and another ordered from you guys. I think you all make a great quality product and I have faith in them enough to recommend them to everyone I meet. I spoke with Abe Sherwood, who was great to talk too, and He told me to get in touch with you. Thanks for your time. 


Matt Ray- Ohio

I am a U.S Army vet and have been a full time firefighter/paramedic for 6 years. After falling nearly 20 feet off a ladder at my house, I shattered and tore every muscle, tendon and bone in my right arm. I thought sports as well as my current job were a thing of the past. Luckily, I found Cornhole and it became a passion. Outside of Cornhole, I love spending time with my wife Anna and my two daughters Delilah and Maya. 


Brandon Davis- Maryland/West Virginia

Brandon was born and raised in Western Maryland and currently lives minutes from the West Virginia line. He has played corn hole for 4 years and started playing competitively 2 years ago. He enjoys traveling to tournaments and playing other members of the corn hole community. Brandon also likes to hunt, fish, ride buggies, and drink beer. You can commonly find him at WVU games and he looks forward to supplying the Maryland/West Virginia area with Black Sheep bags. Please contact him at 301-697-0226 or brandon_d21@live.com 


Cody Watson- Arkansas 

I'm cody im 32, born in kansas City, Mo. But I spent most of my life growing up in northwest Arkansas. I have an 8-month-old little boy who is my world. I love to spend time outdoors hunting fishing. And of corse, love playing cornhole . Ive been playing competitive for about around 2 years and really enjoyed playing and meeting new people in the cornhole community. 

Mark Davis/Jirimiah Livingston- Missouri

Hi my name is Mark Davis, my brother-in-law Jirimiah Livingston and I share many of the same interest Hunting, fishing, camping, family, and of course cornhole. On a camping trip about a year and a half ago we discovered cornhole and since that time we have started a cornhole club “Hole Lotta Luck Cornhole” so that we can share our love for the sport with our communities and families, Over a 7 month period we have grown to not only our small community but smaller communities around us by having Leagues, Blind Draws, 50/50 tournaments helping people in our community that are in need. Thanks for choosing us to represent such a great company! We are proud to part of the Black Sheep Family!!! 


Ken Maciel- Massachusetts

I’m Ken Maciel from Martha’s Vineyard a little island off of Cape Cod Massachusetts. I’m married with two kids I have been a firefighter for over 33 years and I’m just starting to play cornhole. Been playing for only about 16 weeks with a new club M V Cornhole. If there is anything to help anyone play or need bags give me a call 7748365631 if you are on my lsland or in Massachusetts. 


Tanner Nelson- Minnesota

I’m Taylor Nelson and I live in International Falls, MN (the icebox of the nation) I started playing cornhole 2 years ago and developed a passion for the game. I’ve been getting more and more into tournaments and always looking to improve my game! I’m looking to spread the fun of the game to my home area and hopefully turn it into a big thing here! I’m excited to be a rep for Black Sheep Baggers and spread the word about the great quality products! My phone number is 218 324 3479. Don’t hesitate to call or text! 


Whitney Dandurand- Illinois 

Whitney resides just south of Chicago in the rural town of Momence, Illinois. She farms corn, soybeans and wheat with her husband and is mother to her two sons. She enjoys playing cornhole socially and competitively. The part of cornhole she enjoys the most, besides the competitive side, is the socialization and meeting new people. Contact her for all your BlackSheep needs. 


Bryan Mann- Southern Ontario Canada

My name is Bryan Mann, I live in Srathroy, Ontario (located between Sarnia & London).  I’m fairly new into cornhole world, I started playing about 6 months ago, since then I have become obsessed with getting better at this great game and I have also joined our Strathroy league, and have started to compete in local tournaments in and around my surrounding area.  Cornhole is really staring to blow up in and around my area and across the Canada and I’m excited to get the  Black Sheep Bagger name out in the Canadian cornhole community and to help grow this growing sport.  Please contact me at bmanner28@hotmail.com for all your Black Sheep Baggers needs. 


Bryan Rapoza- California

Bryan was born and raised in California. He has been married to Jennifer for over 30 years. He has a son and daughter that live out of state. Bryan is retired with 29 years of Law Enforcement and spent 8 years in the Army and Reserves. Bryan took up the sport of Cornhole during the pandemic and never looked back. Now playing in 1-2 Tournaments a week he is also running a  Tournament in his local area. Bryan is excited about the sport of Cornhole and where it is headed. He looks forward to doing his part to grow the sport. Please contact him if you have any questions at bdrapoza@gmail.com 


Kodee Conner- Mississippi

I’m in the military as a avionics mechanic. My other hobbies outside of cornhole is fishing and hunting. I enjoy going to local blind draws every Thursday and Friday even going to Regionals and conferences. 


Rich Barker- Georgia

Hello, I’m Rich Barker and I live in Lilburn, GA, which is just outside of Atlanta. Started playing cornhole about 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I am currently running a Wednesday night league with a friend and then play in a Thursday night league also. I like to play in Blind draws and regularly attend the regional events in my area. I enjoy spreading the word about how much fun cornhole is and getting bags into people's hands. Black Sheep Baggers is the perfect match for me and I look forward to growing the Black Sheep family. Message me on Facebook if you have any questions.



 Rusty Howell- South Carolina

I started competitive playing about 6 months ago been throwing bags a lot longer. I enjoy spending time with my family I also enjoy playing cornhole competitive as well as for fun. I live in Summerville South Carolina, I am originally from Augusta Georgia. I am the branch manager for a locally owned heavy equipment rental company and love meeting new people and making new friends, I look forward to helping others out where I can and have a great appreciation for Black Sheep Baggers as they are amazing people to know and work with. 


Andy and Cliffaney- Michigan

They both started playing cornhole as a group called Family Dirtbags. Not only does their whole family play, But the cornhole community became like family to them. They are from the Mitten State, Michigan and play as much as they can. Andy and Cliffaney have been together for 14 years and have 3 children running around with them everywhere they go. You can reach out to Cliffaney or Andy at andycliffaney@gmail.com, or by Facebook messenger for any of your Black Sheep Baggers needs in or around Michigan. 


Mike Jones- New York

I am originally from Tennessee but have made my home in the state of New York. My entire family has been playing backyard cornhole for over 10 years with your typical, buy anywhere bags as I was never introduced to regulation cornhole bags. Recently I made the decision to join the American Cornhole League and while searching for information I was introduced to Black Sheep Baggers from there I purchased my first set of Black Sheep Black Water bags I could not be happier with this brand and the family feel this company successfully achieves. After having such an incredible experience with this company, I felt called to figure out how to promote their Cornhole merchandise and decided to dedicate much of my time to being a sales representative for Black Sheep Baggers. 


Nicholas Andrews- Panama City Florida

My name is Nicholas (Nick) Andrews. I was born and raised in Gillette, WY until I enlisted in the US Navy. I spent 12 years in the military and forced medical retirement. Served in main locations overseas during my 2 tours abroad including shock and awe campaign in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Global war of Terrorism. After retiring from military I moved back to Wyoming to start fresh and was introduced to backyard throwing by my Bigger younger sports enthusiast brother. Didn’t take long for me to fall in love with this game and the race was on to the top of the family bracket and now to my own personal level. Since finding this sport I have found and married the love of my life Kelly Andrews, married for 3 years now and moved to Panama City Florida after a brief stop in Ocala to learn a few lessons from big names like Alex Rawls, Haseeb Habiban, Brad Payton, and Sam Finley. Finding the perfect bag was always a challenge and none ever felt right until my wife saw a Facebook post about Black Sheep Baggers Project Unbreakable. I really enjoyed how they were giving back to military and first responders with PTSD with every bag that was bought so I purchased two sets to show support. Little did I know that I would fall madly in love with the fill, the fullness and the overall design of the bag. Only set that still has a place in my Zuca no matter what. Since acquiring new skills I ventured into Black Waters and the OG series but by far the Red Rum will be my go to bag when it is released. I have so much passion for this game that I have fully retired from everyday work and dedicated my time to learning, teaching, and being a director for this game. Currently have 3 venues I run with another one coming Oct 1 when I pick up my ACL local director license. 


Schylor Torres- Texas

Schylor Torrez I am a father of 3 and engaged to an amazing woman who is also my best friend and corn hole partner. I am a Forman at Diamond Plastics and have been there for about 6 years. For me cornhole was just a back yard hobby till I started playing social and fell in love with the game. I now play as many times a week as possible. 


Tom Roth and Paula Dye- New York

Tom and Paula have been playing cornhole between NY and Florida for years. Our entire family loves to play cornhole from backyard to competitive tournaments. We both have a deep love for the game and all the great people we have met along the way. We have been hosting tournaments and running a beginner’s night to introduce the game to new people. We are very excited to be part of the Black Sheep Baggers family.  


Joseph Kahanaoi-Use- Hawaii

Aloha! Im Joseph a Corrections officer on the island Maui. I just started playing cornhole in the last 6 month. I liked it so much that my friends ask me to hold small backyard tournaments which I hope to grow bigger in time. I have just started Maui's first cornhole league/club. We're small but hope grow the sport in time. If your on the Island of Maui come check us out. Mahalo much!



Tyler Townley- Oklahoma

From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 25 years old. Grew up playing baseball and basketball my whole life. Eventually turned into softball where i traveled across the world playing completely. And softball tournaments in between games is where I started playing cornhole for fun at a young age of about 12. The last two years I’ve gotten more Intrigued with the game and have dedicated a lot of time to it traveling and playing competitively. I play about 2-3 times a week along with practicing. Tri City Baggers is a league/organization myself and 3 others run in Oklahoma. Biggest blind draws in the state during the week. Bunch of pros and deep talent in Oklahoma we play all the time. Abe Sherwood came along and seen myself and partner Tanner Nelson in a regional and the rest is history he has always been the best and have helped myself amd tanner out tremendously. 


Tanner Nelson- Oklahoma

From Oklahoma City, Oklahoma been playing competitively for the last 2 years and was playing for fun before that. Throws against some of the best pros from Oklahoma almost every weekend and also got deep talent here as well. Met Abe Sherwood at a regional tournament of ours and has helped us ever since. Glad to represent Black Sheep Baggers! 

Jason Harris- North Carolina

Jason is a North Carolina native who started playing Cornhole with friends and family in his backyard and on camping trips. He started playing competitively just over a year ago. He enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with friends and family. Jason is available to assist you with your Cornhole needs and questions. Feel free to contact him at anytime. JasonHarris.BSB@gmail.com 


Christopher Estes- Massachusetts 

I've always loved Cornhole looking for an excuse to pull the boards out of my garage and play with friends. Then one day my friend told me there was a league not too far so we gave it a shot.. I didn't have bags so I used everyone else's and on that third round robin game I threw something called a blackwater and that's when my love for blacksheep baggers started! I went home and bought them that night and ever since then that's all I've thrown. I couldn't be more proud to become part of a company that puts every little detail into everything they make whether it's bags boards or apparel! Thank you blackwater for allowing me to be a rep! 


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