Q. How long and what is covered in my warranty?

A. The warranty for the bags specifically covers the seam for up to 45 days from the delivery date. I understand that the bags, due to the nature of the game and the materials used, are subject to wear and tear with every use and will naturally degrade over time. The warranty does not extend to material punctures, snags, frays, or other damage attributed to user error or normal wear and tear.


Q. My bag got a snag is it under warranty?

A. Snags, punctures, or frays are not considered manufacturing defects and can occur when bags encounter rough surfaces or sharp objects during play. While these might affect the bags' appearance, they do not impact their playability or lifespan. I commit to following guidelines such as keeping the play area clean, checking the boards for protruding nails or screws, and handling the bags gently to prevent such occurrences.


Q. What voids my warranty?

A. The warranty will be invalidated if the bags are boiled, or products other than the recommended Toss Sauce are used. The use of fabric softeners or any off-market solutions will also void the warranty.


Q. I purchased my bags from someone and not the website, is the warranty transferable?

A. The original proof of purchase is required to initiate a warranty claim. I understand the warranty is non-transferrable and does not apply to bags bought from resellers or won in raffles.


Q. I purchased a set of Sentenced Bags how do I care for them?

A. Refer to the Dos and don’ts

Dos and Don’ts for Sentenced bag


But the real key is educating your fan base to not be insane and to avoid these things:


- Do not do long soaks in water, 45 minutes in COLD water is sufficient or just a cold wash cycle for a similar time


- Do not boil


- Do not use hot water to soak


- Do not use high heat tumbles to dry. Low heat for 40 minutes max and most importantly, DO NOT TOUCH until 100% cooled off


- Don’t spin the bags on fingers on the slow side.  Flip the bag to the fast side to do that


Common themes heat, heat, heat, heat and spinning the bag on fingers wearing it down.


Q. What is the current lead time on purchases?

A. Currently All Series Bags ship within 10-14 business days. Then it's normally 2-3 day shipping through USPS.  We can’t guarantee the shipping time though.


Q. Can I pay more for overnight shipping?

A. We currently don’t offer this option.


Q. I think I may used the incorrect address?

A. Please make sure your address is deliverable based on the address you provided. There are some addresses & P.O. Boxes that will be different based on the shipping company.

If you put the wrong shipping address in & the order gets returned to us, you will be responsible for paying the shipping costs to send the order back to you.


Q. I purchase a set of boards, how long til I get them?

A. Board orders are typically 3-4 weeks processing after order is placed.


Q. I ordered a set of boards and bags will they ship together?

A. No, bags will ship before boards.

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