Breaking In New Bags

The best way to break in bags is throwing them.  All of our bags break in pretty quickly once you start throwing with them.

We do not recommend washing machines & dryers.  If they get damaged in a way that is not a manufacturer defect then we do not warranty that.  We will know the difference when you send us the pictures of the bags.


Cleaning Black Sheep Bags

Fill a container large enough to hold the bags you need to clean with warm water and dish soap. Most any brand of dish soap will work fine.

Leave bags to soak for a few hours and overnight if they are heavily soiled.

Lightly scrub with a soft bristle brush.

Rinse well in cool water to remove all the soap from the inside and outside of the bag.

Place in an area to dry that is not in direct sunlight (this could cause the material to fade). The inside of your dishwasher could be used or stand them in cups where the excess water can drain.

Note: Do not use washing machines or dryers – this could cause the bags to come apart and clog the machines.

Care for Black Sheep Bags

Store your bags in a dry and cool location that is out of direct sunlight. Investing in a carrying case is a good practice.

Play in areas that have a soft surface, such as grass or carpet. Parking lots, concrete areas, and areas that contain rocks can cause ripping, tearing or puncture holes in the bags.

Be cautious in lending bags. Other players may not treat the bags with the care to keep them in good condition.

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