Costello LE Project Unbreakable ACL Pro Stamped


In honor of our troops and first responders and the freedom/aid they provide us we will be partnering with Project Unbreakable. They center their focus on mental health awareness and suicide prevention for our military, veterans, and first responders. It's time to break the silence and fight this war many of us face.

100% of profit from these bags is going to be donated to! It's truly an honor to do this for our military and first responders!

On behalf of The Black Sheep family and Cornhole community - Thank You to all who serve, has served, & honor the fallen.

Costello Project Unbreakable ACL Pro Stamped 21-22 (Total of 4 bags) Hole Friendly Costellos are the best feeling bag in your hand! The Costello Bag has a manageable slow side, which provides unbelievable blocking ability. It is accompanied by a fast side that is ideal for push shots.

Speed: 5/6 Slow side, 8 fast side

Current: 10-14 Business Days


I understand that....

• These bags are premium bags and to be used on premium boards, because of the delicate fabrics used on pro style bags they are prone to snags on boards that are not coated correctly. 
• Refunds will not be processed for surface snags on material, because it will not effect the play of the bag. We WILL replace a bag that has broken through on the seam. (Up to 45 days)
Costello LE Project Unbreakable ACL Pro Stamped
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