Canadian Series


Costello Canadian Series ACL Pro Stamped 21-22 (Total of 4 bags) Hole Friendly Costellos are the best feeling bag in your hand! The Costello Bag has a manageable slow side, which provides unbelievable blocking ability. It is accompanied by a fast side that is ideal for push shots.

Speed: 5 Slow side, 8 fast side.    
Current: 10-14 Business Days.


Black Water Canadian Series ACL Pro Stamped 21-22 (Total of 4 bags) Black Water Bags are possibly our best overall bags for all board conditions, We are very proud to have found top notch quality materials and fabric, This bag is an amazing block and replace bag, Great Air mail bag and as always like all the bags we produce extremely Hole Friendly.

Speed: 4 Slow Side, 7 Fast Side.    Current: 10-14 Business Days



OG2 Canadian Series ACL Pro Stamped 21-22 (Total of 4 bags) Redesigned with New Carpet. OG2 is set to take over the carpet bag world. You can do all the shots with this carpet bag. Perfect for laying a block down then cut, flop or roll. We tested many carpets and this one stood out greatly. Will not kick like most traditional carpet bags on the market. This is the best carpet bag on the market.                                      

Speed: 4 slow side, 8 fast Side.    Current: 10-14 Business Days


Vandalize Canadian Series ACL Pro Stamped 21-22 (Total of 4 bags) Vandalize Bag brand new will feel amazing out of the package, Great feeling in hand while throwing. Vandalize has an amazing slow side that you can do all the shots with while being able to block and replace if needed. Great fast side ideal for push shots. Extremely hole friendly, 

Speed: 6 Slow side, 9 fast side

Current: 10-14 Business Days


I understand that....

• These bags are premium bags and to be used on premium boards, because of the delicate fabrics used on pro style bags they are prone to snags on boards that are not coated correctly. 
• No cancellation or changes after order has been placed.
• Refunds will not be processed for surface snags on material, because it will not effect the play of the bag. We WILL replace a bag that has broken through on the seam. (Up to 45 days)
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