What is covered?

We will return your bags if any errors were made in production that were not listed as potential variants on the website. If we ship you the wrong series or color etc, obviously those things are our fault and we will return them. From time to time just like in production of any product ever made there are errors with products having seam issues or things of that nature that we will take care of in a timely matter as well.

What is NOT covered?

• Bags that have been altered with fabric softeners or accelerated break in tactics. 
• Bags that have been used and then sent back as the "wrong item". If we do send you the wrong product, do not use it before attempting to return it.
• Bags that have use that is not under normal circumstances on professional boards (I.e bags with wood chip splinters from playing on non professional boards, or bags with burn marks from attempting to singe a fabric thread etc.)
• Bags with normal variation - I.e during production there are small errors that can happen like a piece of lint being on the fabric before the color is applied resulting in a small white line this will not effect play and will hardly be noticeable if at all after a few uses and  we will not replace bags for this reason.

How long is the warranty?

Bags will be warrantied that were purchased from OUR WEBSITE for 45 days from the time of the shipment is made. Order number is required.

Color change before shipment

Due to the volume our shop runs at and the lead times we do not offer color changes once the product is ordered that is what the order needs to stay unless you want to refund your order and place a new one to be in the back of the line.
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