Abe Sherwood- National Sales Director

Abe has been playing cornhole in Oklahoma for 2 years. In that time he has made many contacts and more importantly he has many wins. Highlights are winning 8 man crew cup, 1st in 4 man crew cup and wins in doubles pool play and 2nd place overall crew cup champions. Contact Abe for all your Black Sheep Baggers needs!

Lewis Boucher- Hawaii

Lewis plays cornhole on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. He has been playing cornhole since 2015 and has helped grow the sport of cornhole in Hawaii. Has been married 9 years and has 4 kids, His wife and 2 youngest kids also play cornhole. Contact Lewis in Hawaii for all your Black Sheep Baggers needs and let him know what he can do to help you grow within the sport.


Lenny Barnes- South Carolina/North Carolina

Lenny is a South Carolina Native. He enjoys playing cornhole, hosting tournaments, and meeting new people in the cornhole community. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Lenny in SC/NC and surrounding areas for all your Black Sheep Bagger needs.


Drew Ramsey- Virginia  

Drew was born and raised in the Central Virginia Region and has played cornhole competitively since 2019. He loves this hobby turned sport and enjoys the time spent playing with family every week.


Morgan Kite- Tennessee

Morgan is born and raised in Morristown, TN. She has been married to her husband Kyler for 6 years and is expecting their first child. She loves to camp, travel and meet new people at tournaments. She’s a competitive player and loves the sport.



Chris Yates- South Alabama/Florida Pan Handle

Christopher started playing in Denver during quarantine but now plays competitive on the white sand of the Redneck Riviera of Florida. He knows a thing or two about bags, because he's seen a thing or two. Christopher has 2 sons and a loving wife Amanda that keep him in line so that he can enjoy the finer things in life like playing cornhole. He loves the beach, spending time with his family, traveling, and playing in cornhole tournaments meeting new people. He loves the people of the cornhole community and wants to give back as much as possible. Please contact Christopher at      850-525-3450 for any of your cornhole needs or questions. 


Chris Sharp- Central Florida

Chris is originally from Georgia and resides in Central Florida with his wife and children. He has a love for competitive sports and started playing cornhole competitively 2 years ago. He has enjoyed meeting a variety of people within the cornhole community and sharing his knowledge of this rapidly growing sport. Please contact Chris for all your Black Sheep Baggers and cornhole accessories needs. Chris.sharp.bsb@gmail.com 863-738-7040 


Jason Allen- Mississippi 


Eric Jackson- North Carolina

Eric was born and raised in Fayetteville, NC and has lived in the Fayetteville/Hope Mills area all of his life.
Married to his wife Jenn for 17 years. She is from Steubenville, Ohio. They have 2 kids, Jordan 16 and
Ali 13. Eric enjoys Golf and going to the gym are his other hobbies besides cornhole and both continue to be work in progress he says lol! As a family, They enjoy going to MLB games and also going to see their Carolina Hurricanes. Eric has been in the medical field for 25 years and has been a sales rep in the medical field for the last 9 years. Eric and his son have always enjoyed the game of Cornhole and playing with friends. They recently started playing at the competitive level together. He looks forward to representing Black Sheep Baggers and helping grow the sport. Eric plans to cover most of the mid-southeastern area of NC which would include Fayetteville and Raleigh/Durham over to the Carolina coastal area of Wilmington, Down to Myrtle Beach, SC. 


Ryan Brandt- Kansas

Ryan is a native of Lawrence Kansas. He started playing cornhole with neighbors a couple years ago after getting a set of boards for Father’s Day. Over the past year he has ventured into tournament play in the North Eastern Kansas area, and manages to find the podium in many events. Ryan enjoys the social aspects of recreational play as well as the strategy and competitiveness of tournament play. He looks forward to meeting new players and increasing playing opportunities in and around his hometown. Please contact Ryan at rbbrandt73@gmail.com for your Black Sheep Baggers needs in Kansas and the greater Kansas City area. 


 Charles Arrants- Charleston, SC

Charles is married with 2 daughters. He's a United States Marine Corps veteran. Charles started playing competitive cornhole in 2019 after having shoulder surgery. He loves the game and knowing wherever he is the cornhole family is always welcoming. Reach out to Charles in Charleston, SC and always available for all of your Black Sheep Baggers needs via email/text/Facebook charles.arrants18@gmail.com



Evan Beckley- Maryland

 Evan is currently living in the Maryland area but within a short distance from WV and PA. He plays competitively in all three locations weekly. He has been playing cornhole for years but has just recently gotten in the competitive corn hole community with his significant other and daughter being his biggest supporters. A few of his favorite things about cornhole is the sport, the people, the laid back but competitive environment, and the beer. The opportunities possible with this sport is the biggest of them all. The opportunity to become something great has been a big motivator. Please contact Evan and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have regarding Black Sheep Baggers and/or cornhole in itself!



Ian Winn- Pennsylvania

Ian has recently started to play cornhole competitively. He is from south central Pennsylvania. He enjoys all things outdoor, from hunting to fishing and all outdoor games. While playing cornhole is a one of his enjoyments family for him definitely comes first. Ian has one daughter Channing who is 9 years old and does competition cheerleading all year. He and his wife Lacie have been married for 14 great years. You can contact him at mailto:IanAnthonyWinn@gmail.com or his cell phone 717-580-4380 for any of your Black Sheep Baggers needs. 


Sis Calabrese- Oregon 

Sis has been throwing for 12 years started in the back yard then started playing competitively 7 years ago with her brother Jesus Is King (Cameron) in The 805 Ventura. She has a very close relationship with Bridget Moore Queen of California in 2019. She is her Cornhole partner. Came in 2nd with Allison Peters in the first women's blind draw event at Spencer McKenzie Throwdown 2019. She Moved to Redmond Oregon to be with her grandson two years ago who is now 2. Started COC one year ago September 18 with Lingo Diaz here in Redmond because there weren't any cornhole clubs or anybody throwing bags. They have an annual COC fest end of June once a year 3 blind draws a week and a tournament once a month. So COC was born September 18 2020. 


Antonio Vasquez Jr- Rhode Island

Antonio is from Rhode Island retired was introduced to game of cornhole summer of 2019 while camping ever since then it has become addicting for him. His greatest moments being at podium. He has been to events throughout the east coast playing competitive in the ACL, He is looking forward to taking part in advance level this year always a student of the game looking forward to get to the big stage. Biggest problem I see players buying and selling bags. He looks forward to being apart of a bag company that has it all from quality to customer service. 


PJ Daniel- Alabama

PJ has 4 kids! 14 year old son. 15,16 and 21 year old daughters! Oh and has a pet kangaroo! PJ is passionate about cornhole and the community and loves to play! He plays all over Alabama and neighboring states. PJ plays with tons of pros and some world champions! His goal is to become a Pro his self! 


Tony Darosa- Massachusetts 

I started playing Cornhole in June in my backyard then moved on to started doing blind draws and leagues. I love the game and the community is amazing I currently play cornhole 3-4 times a week. With my spare time I play cornhole, play video games hang out with my girlfriend and my friends, I love to watch sports and ufc. I’m a assistant meat manager at Hannaford supermarket. I’m glad to have the opportunity to join the Black Sheep team and help get one of the best bags out there into the hands of fellow cornhole players. 


Kevin Caple- New Mexico

Kevin is a New Mexico Native, He enjoys the reach the game of cornhole has. Fairly new to the game, he enjoys traveling to see the different cornhole communities around the country. Kevin is a Marine Corps Veteran, co-owner of Roswell Jolly Jumps in Roswell NM, and spends his free time giving back to the youth sports community. Kevin is always available to answer any questions, comments, or concerns. Feel free to reach out to him at any time. 


Chris Porras- Texas

Chris is a Texas native and league player for Oil City Kings, he started playing Cornhole as a hobby, but quickly became an obsession that his wife and kids support. If you have any Cornhole questions or needs in your area, please feel free to contact him. 



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